Created in 1984, Power Financial Corporation holds interests in a number of leading financial services companies in Canada, the United States and Europe. Through its investment in the Pargesa Group, Power Financial has significant shareholdings in leading European-based multinationals. Power Financial is controlled by Power Corporation of Canada.

For Power Financial and our subsidiaries, responsible management and citizenship are integral to our efforts to create long-term value for our shareholders and our stakeholders at large. We have developed this website as a narrative on our CSR philosophy, commitments and activities.

A message from
our CEO

Today’s corporations must play a role in society larger than serving solely as a center for profit creation, though that function enables all else. We feel that we also have an obligation as corporate citizens to take actions that have a broad positive impact on society. And we embrace that obligation because – quite simply – it is the responsible thing to do.

United Nations
Global Compact

At Power Financial, we have strengthened our commitment to responsible management by becoming a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact.

Community investment at the Power Group

Community investment at the Power Group

View a video illustrating our contribution to the communities in which we are established through the eyes of four community organizations receiving support from companies in our group.

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